The best platform for your on-site event

Manage the logistics of your on-site event from a single app. Accreditation, access control, material delivery, etc. In addition, increase the participation of your users and the connection between sponsors, attendees and your event.

Capture the attention of your attendees
and facilitates the logistics of your on-site event.

Control the entrances, exits, material deliveries. Print badges, assemblies, mass printing, assign lead scanners to your sponsors. While keeping your attendees connected and updated.

Credential Printing

Auto-print credential with various data and data capture options. In less than 10 seconds.

Lead Capture

Capture attendee data in real time. Allow your sponsors to obtain leads during your event.


Automatic email and WhatsApp notifications upon registration with login and event information.

Access and Data

Intelligently control access and keep real-time data of attendees at your event.

Elegant, Versatile Platform
and easy to use

In terms of equipment and personnel, the platform for face-to-face events consists of an App that is very easy to install and use. 

You only need tablets or regular cell phones, with camera and internet connection. Install the App and you are ready to go.

The required staff should not have deep knowledge of any software, the app is extremely easy to use.

You can place the tablets on tables or pedestals, making them blend perfectly with the aesthetics of your event.

Take control in an App

With the bmotik platform for on-site events you will be able to access - in an interconnected way - all the modules you need for the logistics and registration of your event.

  • QR or printed accreditation
  • Self-accreditation
  • Access control at different points, entrances and exits.
  • Delivery of equipment or elements. For example: Headphones, refreshments, souvenirs, etc.
  • Private control. Only those who must enter certain places enter.
  • Lead Scanning. For your sponsors to obtain attendee data privately and independently.

The platform for in-person events offers the Lead Scanning module so that your sponsors can have the data of your attendees.

Yes, in the same app where it all happens: Bmotik Logistics App. No additional equipment, no training or extra staff. Just download the app on your cell phone and you are ready to capture data and download it whenever you want.

You don't need special hardware. You can use your own devices if you prefer or contract the complete services with bmotik or its partners.

Check your accesses, deliveries, printouts. All from the same app.

You can export your data at any time to your own device for further processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bmotik offers tools to create and manage ticket sales and registration, including the creation of landing pages with various rates (even based on special categories), discount coupons, sales tracking, as well as direct and automatic integration with the registration and accreditation system used on site and automatic communication to registered users.

Bmotik offers several types of recurring or one-time plans with different features and integrated tools. We offer several pricing models per package of modules or per attendee depending on which one best suits your needs.

The advantages of using a specialized platform for face-to-face events, such as bmotik, are many: from statistics, data control, payment reconciliation, notifications to your users, but above all the automation of processes, cleanliness and ease in the flow of experience that your attendees have.

In a few words: The seriousness and quality of your event must cover the entire value chain from the first impression on the web, the purchase or registration, to the on-site accreditation, the content experience and the post-event activities; do not let a small saving in logistics become a waste of resources and/or a bad experience for your attendees.

  1. SpeedOur technology allows accreditation between 70% and 85% faster than other solutions on the market.
  2. CentralizationIn a single app you will be able to see attendee statistics, print badges, keep track of income, make massive printouts, control deliveries, etc. No need to consult anyone.
  3. VersalitilityDo you need to capture a signature before accreditation, do you want to be sure that nobody prints a duplicate, do you want to know the number of attendees per hour in real time? Use bmotik.
  4. Simplicitybmotik's technology is an app and a web. The hardware used is commercial and elegant. There is no need for a large installation to prepare the logistics of your on-site event. You can even use your own staff thanks to the ease of use of our technology.
  5. SupportMore than 500 clients throughout Latin America endorse our experience and the quality of our technology. In addition to the constant innovation that breaks the "traditional solutions" of the industry, we make your event adapt to the new era.

With bmotik, from a single app, you can know in real time the number of attendees and keep track of different areas of your event if you wish. 

At any time, at the touch of a button in our app you can know the number of attendees with filters by category, date/time and even search by keyword.

With bmotik you have many customization options in the onsite events platform. From the registration website, to the print interface in the registration and accreditation area. It's your event, your graphics, your value.

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