Platform for high-impact virtual events

The platform that will make the difference in your virtual event, making your attendees take away a great experience. With a variety of interaction options and a unique graphic immersion.

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A unique virtual experience
that reflects the personality of your event

With our bmotik virtual event platform you will have: easy registration, customized interface, interaction activities, space for sponsors, and more.

Q&A and Live Surveys

Keep your attendees engaged and involved in your event with Q&A and live polls.

Interactive Chat

A different chat, with emoticons, reactions, answers and GIFs. Your attendees won't get bored.

Live Streaming

Use live or on-demand sessions. Manage your content in a versatile way with the best tools.

Smart Agenda

Your attendees will be able to navigate between sessions, choose their favorites and easily connect to their interests.

Networking and Community

Forums, message wall, photobooth and dozens of other tools will connect your attendees.


Inspire action and reward participation with gamification at your event.

Integration of your virtual event
with the most popular platforms

The bmotik virtual events platform integrates with all the leading platforms in the market such as: YouTube Live, Zoom, Vimeo, Webinarjam, as well as tools such as Mentimeter.

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Perfect for events
that make a difference

Forget about having hundreds of support cases due to forgotten passwords or login problems. Our magic link registration will make your attendees' login secure and easier than ever.

Your attendees can connect from any device and participate in all the activities of your event without any complication.

Customization and Immersion

Our virtual event platform is compatible with 3D navigation and Virtual Reality. Create unique environments with brands, products or scenarios.

Create an unforgettable experience for your attendees with a global reach.

With the dozens of tools offered by bmotik, your virtual attendees will stay connected to your events and participate in live and asynchronous activities, as well as having fun and connecting with other attendees in social participation modules.

From 1:1 meetings, networking, gamification, photobooth, surveys and live Q&A, among others.

Monitor in real time the number of attendees connected, where they connect from and the list of participants. Get deep insights from your event quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual or hybrid event platform allows you to organize and execute online events for a global audience. Webinars, conferences or webinars, congresses and virtual fairs are some of the types of events that can be held on this type of platform.

They differ from platforms such as ZOOMMS Teams, MS Teams, Google Meets and the like because they generally allow for more interaction and customization.

The platform creates a virtual environment with diverse features such as: live streaming, interaction tools, networking capabilities and remote participation.

It can also contain 3D immersion elements, activities such as Photo Booth, forums, among others that seek to improve the engagement and participation of virtual attendees.

Compared to in-person events, virtual events are more cost-efficient, pollute up to 95% less, are more inclusive (allowing anyone in the world to attend) and generate more data.

There is always the option of hybrid events that combine the best of the virtual world with the best of the face-to-face world.

Yes, you can use both live and pre-recorded broadcasts (either fake live or on-demand). Any combination of these is feasible in the virtual events platform. And in all cases the interaction and engagement of the participants is sought.

The challenge of virtual events is precisely to avoid attendee fatigue. For this it is important first of all to have excellent content, but it is also essential to have tools that allow the attendee to participate and connect with other attendees and with the event as such. Tools such as:

  • Interactive chat
  • Q&A and live polls
  • Message wall
  • Sponsor microsites
  • 1:1 or group meetings
  • Forums or On-Demand Content
  • Gamification

They allow attendees to diversify their activities during the event.

With bmotik you have many customization options on the platform. From the registration website, to the broadcast interface and the different zones of the broadcast.

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