Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for Events

Surprise your attendees with a different experience. AR/VR for events allows users to interact with objects in the digital world, complementing the experience of regular content.

Tell stories, showcase products, create immersive games, simulate real situations or simply do things differently in different contexts. Applications have no limits.

Games in
Virtual Reality

Develop immersive Virtual Reality games with the objective of positioning your brand or product, to generate interaction at your point of sale, or simply to entertain your users.

Filters for
Augmented Reality

Use AR filters to position your brand, generate amazing experiences or campaign for a new product. These filters can be used directly in Instagram or on your website or app.

Realidad Aumentada en Eventos
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Virtual Reality [VR].

Allow your users to interact with three-dimensional spaces and take action at different points.

Also, this will provide you with clearer information and an immersive experience. The scenarios can be real places or totally out of your imagination.

AR/VR Experiences at your Event

Surprise your attendees by creating Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences in your event. Something different and unforgettable.

You can do things like: educational programs or simulations, new product launches, virtual tours, commercial or entertainment games, facial filters.


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Event Consulting

We are your ideal ally to solve the challenges of your events from a different perspective whose center is digital and technological.


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